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About Arian Homecare Canada

Our Mission and Values

At our home care company, our mission is to provide compassionate and tailored support to individuals with special needs, seniors requiring daily assisted living, and families with child care needs. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by delivering personalized care that respects their unique needs and promotes independence. Our commitment extends globally as we offer Red Cross First Aid and CPR Certifications in Vancouver and Toronto, ensuring that individuals and communities are equipped with life-saving skills. We believe in empowering our clients and our global student community through refresher PSW and Child Care courses, fostering continuous learning and professional development. Our values revolve around empathy, integrity, and a holistic approach to care, aiming to create a positive impact on the well-being of those we serve, both locally and worldwide.


Our team stand out through exceptional dedication and expertise in delivering compassionate care. Trained to provide personalized support, we go beyond routine service to establish meaningful connections with seniors, individuals with special needs, and families in need of child and nanny services. What sets us apart is our commitment to ongoing professional development, ensuring we remain up-to-date of the latest practices and innovations. Our team embodies a culture of empathy and respect, creating a positive impact on the lives of our clients. By combining skill with genuine compassion, our employees truly elevate the standard of care, making them an invaluable asset to our home care company.



"I am so happy for getting to know this academy especially Mrs kamelia and Mrs Tina They are really kind and powerful and full of positive energy. I am so much grateful for taking and passing a good course in this academy and I had an excellent experience with them"

"I have passed Responsible adult childcare course in Arian homecare as online recently.I appreciate Ms Aria for her proffesional and creative teaching method. Her attention,patience,sense of responsiblity is admirable and unique, She opened a new world to me by teaching valuable and fruitful tips about children and adults too,
Thank you dear and lovely Ms Aria"

"We used the services of Arian Homecare for our newborn baby. Both the company and the care giver they provided were real professional and caring, which we highly appreciated.
We would definitely recommend them."

"Almost 3 years of excellent service for my Mom. Provided trustworthy, friendly, companionate care givers. Easy communication if there has been an issue. Great experience👌Thank you dear and lovely Ms Aria""

"Arian home care , the manager and staff are very efficient , reliable , compassionate and extremely knowledgeable !!
I highly recommend this academy with short and useful courses for anyone who requires a high salary job after graduation .
You will not be disappointed!"

"I want to thank Arian Home Care for their professionalism, accessibility, honesty, and incredibly high quality of service. Everyone at Arian Home Care, including Kamelia, Kimia, Farnaz, and all other caregivers, supported my dad with love and compassion while he needs help. I can't thank Arian Home Care enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for care."

"Amazing service! Zara was so friendly. She not only cleaned the space also helped with garbage sorting! She is also patient with a messy home and organized the mess. During organizing, she taught me some tips on tidying as well! It was a huge relieve after the cleaning."

"I am completely satisfied with this team. It was great to take care of me and my mother. During my mother's care. She did not feel lonely and dissatisfied at all. She was very trusting and comfortable with them. I sincerely thank them."

They have the best service. They are very honest and caring. I really recommend them.Because they are responsible, it is very easy to trust them and entrust them efficiently without worry and stress

"Getting to know Kamelia and Arian Homecare Services has been a blessing. Six months ago we decided to move our elderly mom out of the nursing home. Mom was suffering from loneliness since they didn’t allow visitors due to COVID. We were worried if we can handle it. But, Kamelia was very understanding and comforting. She immediately started introducing caretakers. She was quick, responsive, and very accommodating. The Caretakers have also been very reliable, caring and always there when mom needs something. We also like the fact that she regularly checks with us to see if we are happy and if anything needs attention. We are happy and appreciative of the services we are receiving. Highly recommended.Thank you dear and lovely Ms Aria"

"I got to know Kamelia and Arian home care about six months ago and I am very happy and thankful for having this opportunity. They are there to help out any time day or night with their professional and knowledgeable staff. They always strive to become better each day. They are always up to date with the latest technology and better ways to help out whether you have an elderly person in your life or a child or just someone to be your company. During the pandemic Kamelia and her staff have put all their effort to help. I wish the best for Arian home care and hope they can expand their help all over Canada by opening new offices in all cities.May God give you the strength and the power to carry on by helping others."


Unit 201 - 252 Esplanade W, North Vancouver, V7M0E9

+1 877-207-9414

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